What is COBOL? concept the celebrated Business Oriented Language

COBOL stands for popular Business Oriented Language and is a very well-liked language smooth in exhaust in the financial and administrative systems of various organizations. COBOL was first specified by a group of three government agencies and six computer manufacturers in the United States. COBOL has been in spend since the unhurried fifties and is quiet evolving, owing to its popularity among the user community.

Over the next 10 years following the definition of COBOL, several versions of COBOL were save out on the market by various makers of software and compatibility between these versions became an tell. The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) stepped in to introduce a standard version of COBOL in 1968 and has periodically released further versions of the standard ever since.

COBOL was adopted by the business community for its operations largely due to the natural language develop veteran in COBOL programming. unprejudiced before the year 2000 changeover, it was estimated that around 80% of business all over the globe ran on COBOL – a fact that caused a expansive amount of difficulty to be expended on making these systems compatible for year 2000. This pain was initiated because most businesses indexed their operations using dates and hitherto, COBOL had been using a two-digit date field that needed to be modified into a four-digit one to accommodate the modern millennium.

cobol programming language

COBOL compilers exist for several platforms and it is current to recognize COBOL applications running on IBM’s z/OS, Windows, Unix and Linux Operating Systems.

COBOL has evolved to include the object oriented paradigm and assist Unicode and XML. The latest versions of COBOL can seamlessly interface with programs written in languages like C on .salvage and Java frameworks. COBOL incorporates techniques such as recursion and can be ragged for scientific computing as well as for business applications.

The detailed syntax and statements in COBOL programs gain it easy even for a layperson to understand what the program is doing. The very same characteristic that made COBOL common among the business community has reach under attack by some in the programming community. Critics of COBOL have cited the wordiness of programs written in COBOL as a negative aspect of programs written in this language.

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